Services for Aging and Dementia

Brain Health, Aging, and Dementia Care

Dementia-related issues can include a variety of concerns including but not limited to changes due to a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment or dementia.  Mind your Brain provides care and guidance in a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental environment.  Services will allow you to learn about and assist you in addressing your specific challenges and implement your new knowledge and understanding in everyday life, thereby improving your quality of life.  Similarly, for caregivers, services can include information, resources, and counselling on challenges such as:

  1. How to approach and communicate with a loved one who is suffering from a dementia-related condition,
  2. Identifying your stressors associated with your loved one’s cognitive decline due to aging or dementia, and what and how to implement strategies that can reduce the daily stress associated with these changes, and
  3. Promoting caregivers’ rights and needs. 

Understanding the Cognitive Aging Process

  1. Guidance and education around healthy and/ or compromised cognition, cognitive strategies and exercises, and how to utilize these effectively, as well as information on how to promote and optimize your brain’s health, i.e. reducing your risk of dementia
  2. if you either feel or think that your cognitive functioning is compromised due to the aging process (e.g. cognitive difficulties due to normal cognitive changes in aging), OR
  3. if your goal is to be proactive in keeping your brain healthy through keeping it active, but your search for information and the number of potential brain exercises available has proved confusing and frustrating for you.

Evidence exists supporting the notion that cognitive rehabilitation can be utilized to benefit healthy aging adults (see for example Cognitive Training- Influence on Neuropsych and Brain Function in later life or ACTIVE study).  This means that utilizing services to promote your own healthy cognition can support you in building up your cognitive reserve, thereby most likely decreasing your risk of developing dementia (for independent information, see for example AND

To understand what cognitive rehabilitation is, please, click the following link to the article ‘Cognitive rehabilitation- what it is and what it should be’.

Can Cognitive Rehabilitation be utilized to help people with cognitive aging issues?

There is scientific evidence available to support the use of cognitive rehabilitation treatment (CRT) to support healthy aging, see for example CRT in Aging nr 2 2007.  CRT can also be effective in bringing improvements for people with mild and moderate dementia:  2013 review on CRT effectiveness in mild dementia.

How do I know whether Services provided by ‘Mind your Brain’ are appropriate for me?

To further assist with this question, I have embedded a youtube video on the topic of cognitive aging and brain health, ‘Brain Health Strategies’:

More information on the concept of successful cognitive aging, how the brain and mind change as we age, and how to support your own successful cognitive aging process can be found here: Cognitive Aging Article

If you would like to learn more about the healthy versus pathological aging concepts, please click Healthy versus Pathological Aging overview

More resources on topics such as Caregivers’ rights, understanding what is normal and what is not normal age-related memory loss, dementia myth busters, the difference between “true” dementia and temporary/ pseudo dementia, and more, click here

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